Staygreen Nitrogen Management Program

In order to better manage corn nitrogen levels through the growing season we need to measure it. Nitrogen levels fluctuate during the growing season. This fluctuation is related to many different factors that can influence nitrogen mineralization and/or application.

Soil Nitrate and Crop Uptake Chart

We are measuring to have better insight about how much N we have going into the crop year, how well we manage nutrients through the growing season and if we have any N left over at the end.


How it works:

Step 1: Pick a spot. This spot should be representative of the most common management zone in the field.

Step 2: Call us to activate your location.

Step 3: We take care of the rest!


Sampling Regime


Soil Nitrate Test (Depths)

Plant Tissue Test

Corn Stalk Nitrate Test















What do I receive?

  • 8 Soil Nitrate tests (1 or 2 depths depending on the time in the season) to monitor the nitrate through the season.
  • 3 Plant Tissue tests to see look at nutrient balance.
  • 1 Corn Stalk Nitrate Test to determine if the nitrogen program was deficient, adequate or excessive.
  • Your data (Soil, Plant Tissue, Corn Stalk) benchmarked against the average of all sites for that time period. This allows you to compare to other fields. You will also receive all of your data in an excel file at the end of the year with the average data.
  • Our Staygreen Insight newsletter, included with every new round of data, which will feature data and observations from the growing season.

 Example Soil Nitrate Report:

Soil Nitrate and Crop Uptake Chart 2


Cost Per Site:

$350 (within 40 km of Honeyland Ag Services) – Additional charges may apply, please contact us for details.

For a PDF version please click here: Honeyland Staygreen Program Details