Staygreen Program

Staygreen 2018 – Nitrogen Management for Corn

Last year we helped growers make up to $30/acre through reduced inputs, improved yields or both. Let us help you take your nitrogen management to the next level!

What’s Involved with Staygreen?

  1. Pre Visit Assessment: We take information about previous and future nitrogen applications, planting date, GDU’s, crop stage and much more into consideration.
  2. Field Visit: We will visit your field at the appropriate growth stage (any time after V6) based on your nitrogen application strategy. Our sampling technique is customized based on your farm practices.
  3. Analysis: Samples go back to the lab for analysis.
  4. Recommendations: We provide recs for Nitrogen and other nutrients as well.

The Staygreen program provides the following insights.

Crop Demand: The amount of nitrogen that a corn crop will need can vary by over 100 lbs! The most overlooked part of N management is how much you are going need to maximize yield. As part of our analysis we measure your crop potential.

Soil Supply: We measure the nitrogen that the soil can supply to meet your crop demand.

Nitrogen Recommendation: If we know demand and supply, we can make a proper assessment.

VRT Assessment: Our sampling technique can tell us whether or not your field could benefit from a variable rate application of N. If you have the ability to do variable rate N we make a prescription map for you (additional cost)

Other Limiting Nutrients: There are many nutrients that could be potentially limiting your crop. By analyzing plant tissue samples for N,P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, Zn, Mn, Fe, Cu, B & Al we can look the nutrient balance.

Cost: $250/Field (discounts apply for multiple fields)

Nitrogen Management Report
Crop Potential Report


VRT Prescription Map