Plant Tissue Update – Mid June

There has been lots of variability in the nitrogen levels with some sites plummeting and some increasing in plant N. The range of values last week was from 4.5 – 3.25% nitrogen. Our observation is that sites that had an increase were the hardest hit by frost.
On some of the plants with lower N values we noticed that it corresponds to the accumulation of mobile carbohydrates (sugars) in the leaves. One thing I found interesting is the drop in sugar levels from June 11th to June 15th (see chart below).
For the 2015 growing season we are providing sugar analysis on our corn tissue test free of charge! Learn more here:
On the growth stage side most corn in the GPA (Greater Parkhill Area) is at or past V6. Some here are some info on what is happening in corn at V6:
-Growing point and tassel (differentiated in V5) are above the soil surface
-Stalk is beginning a period of rapid elongation
-Determination of kernel rows per ear begins (Strongly influenced by hybrid genetics)
-Tillers (suckers) begin to emerge at this time
-Degeneration and loss of lower leaves
-New leaf emerging (V-stage) about every 3 days
Corn Sugar Levels Ontario
Corn Sugar Levels Ontario