Animal Nutrition Newsletter Dec 15

Starch Content and Dry Matter

Starch vs DM 1

The chart above shows us the trends in 516 corn silage samples from this fall. As you would expect the starch content increases with increased dry matter and the opposite is true for starch digestibility which decreases as dry matter increases. Although there is a trend it is also interesting to see the large variance in starch content at any given moisture level. The variance of starch within moisture levels would likely be explained by crop management and genetics.

January Corn Silage Processing Score (CSPS) Promotion

The Corn Silage Processing Score has been called one of the most under utilized tests in forage analysis. This has changed recently with more nutritionists using the CSPS than previous years. In order to improve turn around time and better serve our customers we have recently acquired a Rotap shaker.

Past testing in Ontario indicates that only 29% of corn silage is optimally processed! You can see the data here

For the Month of January, we are offering a free CSPS on any sample submitted for an NIR package with the “plus” option.

An added benefit of sampling/re-sampling in January is that you can re-evaluate starch digestibility. After harvest starch digestibility improves on average 8% in the first three weeks of fermentation and another 8% by January.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!