Update on Soil Nitrate in Ontario

Here is  some preliminary information on soil nitrates this year and give you a preview of the some information that will be provided in our Staygreen Nitrogen Management Program.

The program will allow you to measure soil and plant nitrogen levels throughout the growing season to spot areas of deficiency or excess. If you wish to participate it’s not too late! Here is a link to more info.

-Over the past two weeks there has been a very slight increase in nitrates in sites
-So far this week we have seen a wide range in nitrates from 3 ppm (12 lbs/acre) on  to 37 ppm (150 lb/acre). With the average of just over 8 ppm (32 lbs/acre).
-Sand and sandy knolls tend to have higher nitrates currently. It will be interesting to see if this will change when we get a good rain.
If you plan on taking any nitrate samples this growing season we would be glad to analyse them for you! In addition to your result you will also receive the average for the past weeks results to allow some insight on where your result is relative to others. Our soil price list is available here: